Top gifts for pet owners 2013


We’ve taken the hassle out of shopping for the pet lover in your life with the  Top Gifts for Pet Owners list.


You’ll find everything you want for the cats and dogs, pet lovers and pet enthusiasts in your life.  Whether you’re shopping for Christmas or birthday gift, you’re sure to find gifts they’ll love.


Bad Cat 2014 Page-A-Day Calendar

You’ll delight in the sassy, sarcastic and down right ridiculous comments of Bad Cat every day of the year with the Bad Cat 2014 Page-A-Day calender.

A fun way to celebrate your love of all things cats, while keeping yourself on schedule.

Beautifully photographed, each page includes a cute saying.  Budget priced so it’s perfect for office gift giving.

Price: £8.39

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The World According to Bob: The Further Adventures of One Man and His Street-wise Cat [Hardcover]

Treat yourself to the truly heartwarming tale of a formerly homeless man named James, whose life was changed forever after meeting Bob, another wayward soul who happens to be a stray cat.

These inseparable soul mates travel life’s rugged road experiencing the hardships and happiness it can bring, each day growing closer and together learning the lessons of love, courage, loyalty, trust and friendship.  An expertly crafted story filled with many happy and bittersweet moments.   You’ll find yourself eagerly turning the pages, cheering on these two road weary companions.   A book you won’t want to put down.

Price:   £8.00

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Green Interactive Feeder from Company of Animals

Make meal time more fun for your canine friend, while reducing the potential risk of bloat; a serious medical condition that can happen when dogs eat too fast.

Simply scatter a handful of dog food across the top of the tufted surface of the interactive Feeder and watch your dog have fun trying to get to the pieces.  The peaks and valleys are just high enough to pose a fun mealtime challenge.

An easy way to alleviate pet boredom which can lead to bad behaviors such as barking, chewing and biting.

Crafted from rugged phthlate-free plastic and ideal for indoor or outdoor use, the Green Interactive Pet Feeder will keep your dog happily entertained at mealtime.

Price: £17.65

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Pet Bow Tie for Cats or Dogs

Reversible Pet Bow Tie is a must have accessory for the fashion forward pooch and a great way to accessorize any plain collar.

For formal family occasions, showcase the sleek black side.  Or, flip it to polka dot for a funky fashion accessory any pooch will love.

Easily fits any collar, as it feeds through the loop onto the bow tie.

Crafted from soft cotton fabric and featuring reversible design - red and white spots on one side and traditional black on the other – the pet bow makes an ideal gift for a friend or loved one.

Price: £4.50

Dimensions: 13 x 6cm

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“How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You” book

From the creator of, comes “How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You”, a satirical yet very informative look at the inner workings of the diabolical feline brain.

Brilliantly original and astonishingly funny, this clever collection of comics, facts, and instructional guides will help you pinpoint the first warning signs your cat might be plotting against you.

A fun stocking filler gift that’s sure to bring joy and laughter through out the holiday season.

Price: £5.39

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Test your cat: The Cat’s IQ book

So you think your cat is smart, but is she genius?  There’s one easy way to find out.

Now you can quickly determine your cat’s IQ with this four part cat IQ test that measures your cat’s coordination, communication ability, social skills and reasoning powers using simple observation and everyday household objects.

Beautifully illustrated with whimsical cartoons, The Cat IQ Test is the ideal Secret Santa gift for the cat lover who wants to improve their feline’s intelligence level.

Includes a Certificate of Merit which can be filled out and proudly displayed on completion of the Cat IQ Test.

Price: £3.74

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Christmas Jumpers for Dogs

Available in Small, Small/Medium, Large and Extra Large

Treat man’s best friend to a raunchy taste of Christmas cheer with this delightfully cheeky holiday themed Reindeer Threesome Christmas Jumper for Dogs.

Crafted from super soft  100% Acrylic Yarn, this hand-knitted jumper is the perfect way to shower your favorite pooch with Christmas cheer, while keeping him warm and toasty on cold winter mornings or late nights out.

Price: £25.99

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’101 Dog Tricks’ book

From simple obedience skills that curb bad behavior to fun tricks like  ‘answering the phone’,  ’101 Dog Tricks’ provides everything you need to know to engage, challenge, and bond with your dog.

Each trick is broken down into easy to follow steps and comes with a full color photographs to make training easier.   This fun guide is a must have gift for every dog lover.

Price:   £9.09

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Dog Of The Year’ Photo Upload Calendar

Make your dog the star of the show with ‘Dog of the Year Photo Calender’.  Simply snap a few candid  poses of your pet at play; upload photos and publish your own customized pet calender.

Your dog’s name will be proudly displayed on the cover along a personalized message.  Gorgeous full color photographs as well as contemporary design and ample note taking space makes this an attention getting wall decoration you’ll want to use all year long.

Price: £14.99

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‘Cat Of The Year’ Photo Upload Calendar

Pamper your feline princess with the  ‘Cat of the year’ photo calender, featuring all her best poses.

Proudly personalized with your cat’s name, the Cat of the Year photo calender will feature 13 of your favorite full color photographs along with your own message of love.

One of the sweetest gifts ever for a cat lover.

Price: £14.99

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The Pet Portrait

Celebrate the other love of your life with The Perfect Pet portrait, a professionally produced photograph of your family pet.

Our highly trained pet friendly photographer will patiently work with your dog or cat in a relaxed studio environment to capture his best pose, whether playful or serene.

After the studio session, you may choose one or more favorite poses to be turned into a gorgeous 5″x7″ pet portrait you’ll love to display on the mantle along with your other treasured keepsakes.

Price: £19

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