Laughter is the key to happiness! and often the key to love.. Why it’s no secret that what women really want is a guy that can make them chuckle, and often as much can be said for men too. Today we’re listing the humourers and slightly “unusual” valentines gifts.. Because life’s too short to be serious all the time..!


Sculpt Your Own Boyfriend

Price - £ 9.95

This is a bit of a risqué one but for a girlfriend(or man) in need this could be just the answer!

“Tired of waiting for Mr. Right? Well sculpt your perfect boyfriend with this model making playful kit, that comes complete with 25 fun suggestions of what to do with him after.”


Where to buy Prezzy Box



Big Hug Heart Cushion

Price - £ 9.95

A cute and cuddly little fella, (well he’s a cushion really).

Where to buy Find me a gift



Things I’d Do For Love Personalised Book

Price - £ 12.99

This personalised book really shows just how much, and how far you would go, for the one you love this Valentine’s Day or even on your anniversary.

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Personalised Chocolate Bar - Your Half My Half

Price - £ 5.99

A very cheeky chocolate bar, but sometimes in relationships you just have to set the boundaries…

Where to buy Getting Personal


Personalised Valentine’s Card - My Favourite Duvet Snatcher

Price - From 99p

Honesty is the best policy they say..

Where to buy Getting Personal


Heart shaped pasta

Price - £1.99

Sometimes the best gifts are a lovingly home cooked meal, forged with your love and maybe a little help from Grandma’s secret recipe

Here’s a little something to give your special dish that extra “valentines touch”, heart shaped pasta!

Where to buy Find me a gift



Price - £23.99

Handcrafted by the masterminds at Firebox the “Mystery box” contains well.. We don’t really know, but we do know one thing! It’s filled with love, well because it’s a valentines mystery box.. And that’s about all we know.  If your valentine is a bit of tech geek or a fan of “big boys toys” then this will surely go down a storm!

Where to buy Firebox


Couple Caricatures - Hand drawn UK artist with 100,000 sales

Price - £ 3.01 - £15.06

A unique and memorable gift that never fades with time! Photolamus is a professional UK based artist with 100,000 charicatures under his belt!

Simply send your picture and ideas and he will do all the leg work! Average delivery time is 7 days although may reduce closer to Valentines to meet demand.

Where to buy Fiverr



Personalised Love Monster Cuddly

Price - £19.99

Dedicate your love to your valentine with a “love monster cuddly” and a “personalised Certificate of Love”, there’s not much that can be said about this pair.. One thing is for certain, they are certainly very unique!

Where to buy Prezzybox