Thinking of gifts to give to uni students can be hard and stressful compared to giving one to adults. Teenagers are prickly, so functional but boring won’t really get their attention. Going with trendy gifts isn’t advisable either, as the trends usually come and go after a week or so. You want your child to remember how you thought of them, and how you thought that gift might help them out when picking out things. Try giving them these gifts that will make Uni life easier and more fun! We’ve rounded up the top 10 gifts for uni students this year.

1. Feed ‘Em With Loose Change

Price - £2.99

Not literally of course. Let’s face it, Uni students and managing money aren’t a good mix. No more worrying about your child not eating tonight! This Can’t-Be-Bothered-To-Cook-Fund is a life saver for those nights when the delivery guy is knocking at their door and they forgot just how much is REALLY left in their allowance. Or, you know, when they just don’t want to cook. Either way, it’s a clever way to teach them a little bit about managing their allowance. Plus, it’s decorative! A penny today could just be a meal tomorrow!

Can’t be bothered to Cook fund
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2. The Never Leave Home Without Cash Again Keyring

Price - £6.00

This CashStash Keyring is the perfect gift for forgetful Uni students! It securely stores emergency cash, which is an awesome thing to have for those night outs, beach trips and travelling in and out of the country. It’s even waterproof; their money will always be dry even if they get thrown in the pool with their friends. It is especially nice for those “Mum/Dad, I forgot my wallet” calls: simply tell them to open up that awesome Keyring that you oh-so-discreetly put around their keys, then listen to the delightful shriek of happiness when they find the stashed cash. You’re welcome.

True Utility TU241B CashStash
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3. Forget Bulky Strainers, Try This Scoop And Drain Kitchen Utensil

Price - £8.00

Buying kitchen utensils can be a pain, especially if your child lives in a shoebox sized dorm room and doesn’t know where else to fit most of their stuff. Bulky strainers just don’t have space in this world anymore! This Scoop™ Colander utensil is perfect in dorm cooking - it takes up almost no space at all and is multi-functional! It is even safer than traditional strainers as it doesn’t require you to lift heavy pots to drain fluid. And, the most inviting feature? VERY EASY TO CLEAN.

Scoop™ Colander
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4. Hilarious Guide on How to Deal With That Nasty Hangover From Last Night

Price - £8.00



Time to face facts, you’re not condoning drinking, but if you can’t stop them, teach them how to deal with it in a funny, yet (kind of) subtle way. The Hangover Survival Guide is a perfect gift for teaching them how to juggle late night parties and 8am classes without a hangover. It offers practical advice on preventing and dealing with hangovers. Besides from being hilarious, it also features comic strips - so it’s definitely fun to read. A bookshelf must-have for students wanting the best no-hangover-uni-experience.

The Hangover Survival Guide
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5. The Jug That Measures Everything In One Container

Price - £19.95

It’s efficient and a space saver - it’s the best gift for uni students who love cooking. Measuring ingredients individually takes a lot of time, effort, and a lot of containers to clean after - mainly the reasons why uni students avoid cooking. With this Digital Kitchen Scale Measuring Jug, they can measure the solids and the liquids in one place! It can measure literally anything - milk, oil, water, sugar, you name it. It also features a TARE function, allowing them to measure one ingredient in it and then tare out the measurement, bring in a new ingredient and measure that alone, and then keep adding more ingredients. No fuss, less mess, and promotes cooking and preparing their own food. Paves the way towards healthy living! *cue hallelujah chorus* Okay, maybe a little carried away there. But at least it’s a start!

Digital Kitchen Scale Measuring Jug
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6. A Decorative Container To Put All Their Crap In

Price -  £10.99


You must admit, over time, the cute-but-useless stuff uni students buy eventually pile up in random places in their dorms. This creates the disorganised jungle themed dorms where crap, knickknacks, and other important stuff get mixed together. And biscuit tins just confuse and depress people that are actually looking forward to finding biscuits in there. Prevent that from happening by giving them this wonderful Random Crap Tin where they can put in whatever random crap they get. And because of its decorative nature, it’ll give that dorm room a little bit of personalisation that it so desperately needs.

Random Crap Tin
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7. Say Bye To All Those Spatulas, Meet The Ultimate Cooking Utensil

Price - £7.00

A big part of a Uni student’s life is cooking and preparing their own meals - they’ll eventually get tired of all those takeaways and food deliveries, so it’s nice to have cooking utensils in the dorm when they decide to recreate mum’s home cooked meal. You really can’t go wrong with this one! When you’re thinking of the cooking utensils your child needs for Uni and you can’t help but be overwhelmed by all the things that pops up in your mind, this 5-in-1 cooking utensil is the answer. It features a slotted spoon, turner, cutting tool, solid spoon and a spatula. It saves time, effort in cleaning, and space. Plus, it looks so nice! You might even want to get one for your own kitchen.

The 5-in-1 Kitchen Utensil
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8. In Case You Forgot To Charge Your Mobile Phone Again

Price - £13.99

The Pebble Smartstick Charger is another perfect gift for uni students. It’s a handy device to have in case of emergencies - it’s comforting to know that when your child gets stuck in the middle of nowhere, he or she has that handy charger in their bags to keep their mobile phones on and the communication lines open. Or, on a lighter note, very useful to have for the times when their phones run out of battery anywhere due to games, social networking, or texting. Either way, it’s portable enough to not leave the dorm without it! What’s even more appealing is that it comes with various tips (which you can attach to the main cord) allowing you to charge most devices on the market today. It also comes with a pouch so your child can keep all the charges accessories in there without misplacing them.

Pebble Smartstick Charger
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9. Decorating A Uni Student’s Desk With A Very Cute and Useful Memo Holder

Price - £8.33

A nicely decorated desk promotes more study time! This cute mule-shaped memo holder is a great gift to give to uni students. Morris The Memo Holder will sit adorably on a student’s desk, while keeping memo pads intact. With a laundry-peg style head, it can even hold reminders or a pen in its mouth; great for that phone call when you need to immediately jot down stuff. Your child’s desk will be the envy of all other desks in the dorm, being home to Morris and all.

Morris The Memo Holder
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10. Scribble It Down, Get A Good Night’s Rest, And Wake Up On Time

Price - £12.95

Uni can be stressful - with deadlines, assignments, exams, it’s easy to lose track. For uni students who got a million things on their minds - this alarm clock is the perfect gift! They can jot down things to do, reminders and all sorts of stuff they need to remember upon waking up. Great for clearing the mind before going to bed, which is essential for a long day at Uni tomorrow. Early bird? Don’t worry, this baby illuminates - when the alarm clock goes off and it’s still dark outside, they can immediately see the reminders they’ve jotted down the night before to jumpstart their day. It’s also very stylish that they’ll gain compliments when friends visit their rooms! Don’t be fooled though, it is not THAT big, so it’ll fit perfectly in a small dorm room. It also features temperature display, date display, and birthday reminders! Help keep their schedules organised with this multi-purpose alarm clock!

Scribble Writing Alarm Clock
Get it here: Prezzy Box


Did you find anything you’d like to give as a gift? Or maybe even to give one for yourself? Whatever you decide to give to a Uni student, remember that it’s the thought that counts. Tailoring your gift to a Uni student’s need is the best strategy towards giving a great gift.