Need a gift to please the man in your life?  We’ve got ten amazing gifts he’s sure to love.   Check out our Top Ten Gifts for Him of 2013 and find something special for every man on your gift list.


J&D’s Baconnaise Bacon Flavored Spread

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Price: £4.95 (443ml)

For a mouth watering treat that tantalizes the senses and satisfies the palette, try the creamy Baconnaise Bacon favored Spread.  Thick and creamy, with mild smoky hickory flavoring, this spread goes on smooth over sandwich toppings to delight the mouth as no mere mayonnaise can do.  Baconnaise is perfect for the casual lunch or party dip for chicken fingers, fish, sliced vegetables or chips.  Vegan friendly and low sodium.  Also available in Lite, for his guilt-free pleasure.



Personalized Football Team History Book

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Price: £49.95

Size:   Full tabloid size (38x30cm)

Bring sports history to life with the Personalized Team Football book.   Packed with pages of newspaper reports chronicling the history of his favorite UK top league football team from the 20th century through today.   Handsomely decorated, charcoal gray hardbound book ornately embossed with his name for a once in a lifetime sport’s memorabilia gift he’ll treasure forever.


Sugru - flexible compound

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£11.29 - available in white or white/black/red combo packs


What can you do with Sugru?  Maybe the better question is what can’t you do? Whatever needs fixing, Sugru is up for the job. Fix a broken mouse cord. Patch leaky boot soles.  Create custom ergonomic grips for your tools. Repair sports equipment. Add cool touch silicone grips to your pot lid tops or handles. Kid-proof your camera or iPhone with custom shock absorbers.

Sugru is a technological marvel that starts out feeling just like clay dough and cures to soft silicone rubber over night when left at room temperature.  Self sticking to almost any surface from glass to ceramic.  Amazingly water proof and impervious to high temperatures.


RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener

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What’s more annoying than beard stubble?  Try nicks and cuts from dull razors.  But, you don’t have to throw those old razors away.  Clean them up with the RazorPit Razor Sharpener.  This revolutionary device removes dead skin cells and shaving cream build up from under the disposable razor blade to make the razor sharp as new, allowing him to use each razor up to 150 times!


Man Munchies Tin

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Stuff the Man Munchies tin with his favourite M&M treats for a fun gift he’ll love to eat his way through.  A fun box to keep all his favourite sweets close at hand.


The Man Tin

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Price: £7.36

Size: 75 x 155 x 205mm

This nifty tin box is perfect for all that useless junk in his pocket he can’t seem to live without.  From nuts and bolts to spare keys and loose change, they’ll all find a home in The Man Tin.


The Awesome Notebook

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Price: £5.99

Imagine how proud he’ll be to see his name embossed on this Awesome Notebook.  A clever gift for the student.   Plenty of pages for jotting down notes or keeping track of appointments.


Chili Sauce Kit

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Price: £14.95

Finally, a gift for the garden lover!  The Chili Sauce Kit is packed with everything needed to grow his own chillies and turn them into a gourmet chilli sauce in less than an hour.


Syma RC Indoor Helicopter (Red)

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price: £13.37

An RC lover’s dream come true!  This palm sized RC helicopter is ideal for indoor use and comes with state of the art built in gyro system, for precise maneuverability allowing you to take off or set down in the same spot with no worries over spin outs or lost control.

Constructed from durable metal frame to withstand multiple crashes without breaking.  Easy charging from the controller.   No assembly needed, so it’s ready to fly.


Zombie Bootcamp experience for Two

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Price:  £158


You’ll have the time of your life with your sweetheart at the Zombie Bootcamp Experience for Two.    Feel the adrenaline rush as you fight the zombie hordes to survive in the most heart pounding, physically intense post apocalyptic nightmare ever.  A horrifyingly real experience you won’t want to miss.  And, a must have vacation for every Walking Dead fan.