Scribble Writing Alarm ClockNever forget anything again!

This novel alarm will not only wake you up, but remind you of any essential deeds that need to get done! Using the Scribble Pen to jot down your reminders is easy-to-do and the results are easy-to-view! All thanks to a blue light that shines when an alarm sounds or when the top of the screen is touched.

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Anker® Astro3E Mobile Battery Pack - It’s a Necessity!

In this 21st Century world of constant availability, what happens when your phone, tablet or other essential gadget runs out of charge? Anker’s Astro 3E has a massive 10000mAh capacity that will re-charge an iPhone an astonshing 4-5 times! Other smartphones can be resurrected 2- 3and a tablet like an iPad or Galaxy Tab can be fully re-juiced from flat!

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Sony Playstation 4 - Patience is a virtue!

Sony’s latest combatant in the age-old console war between Japan’s finest and Microsoft seems to be the bookie’s favorite after X-Box’s dramatic U-turn regarding online sales and periodic sign-ins. The re-design of the Dual- Shock Controller contains incredibly accurate motion control technology that will allow for a whole host of immersive, fun to play.

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Sphero - Who knew a ball of plastic could be such fun.

Sphero is a water, shock and dirt proof augmented reality accessory that you can use to play games, serve as ambient lighting, race at up to 2 metres per second or just use to dance to music. Being able to pair Sphero, via bluetooth, using both iOS and Android apps is a great plus; so no matter your tech, Sphero is compatible!

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Raspberry Pi - For the next generation of programmers!

Raspberry Pi is a charitable organisation with one aim; to put cheap, powerful computing power in the hands of children and see what creative results our successors can make from it. With a continuously growing, global community the £32.88 computer can be tamed by any beginner if they take advantage online; where FAQ’s, forums, downloads as well as purchasable codecs cater for programmers of any capability.

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DIY HOOCH KIT - Cheap homemade booze, Quick!

This easy-to-use home fermentation kit can be syphoned off and drank after a mere 48 hours! But if you bite your tongue and let the ‘magical powder’ do it’s job you can end up with a mead as mighty as 14% ABV. For anyone wanting to dip a toe in to the world of home-brewing or for those who want booze-on-demand this is a great choice.

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Fitbit Flex - Your own personal trainer on your wrist!

Do I get enough sleep? Should I go to the gym and work off that chocolate bar? If these are the sorts of questions you ask yourself, the Flex is for you.

Android and iOS compatible, the Flex with track your sleep patterns, track your steps and calories and then automatically sync the information to your smartphone instantaneously!

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Syma S107 Infrared Helicopter - Hard-to-crash helicopter(s)

Anyone can be a helicopter pilot with this gyroscopically stabilised ‘copter will move up, down, forwards and back as well as turn a full 360 degrees.

It’s maneuvered by 3 way controller; that means that you can control a trio of choppers if you have always dreamt of having your own ‘Black Hawk’ regiment reenactment!

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Kindle Fire - The best ‘Super-Budget’ tablet around.

For £99, you are not going to find a better tablet to consume all of your media. Period.

The original Kindle Fire may not be the newest or highest spec’ed tablet out there but all of your favourite apps and services are available … Yes, including Angry Birds. As well as the ability to load your own media from a computer and Amazon Prime options, you’ll never be without something to watch.

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Kindle Paperwhite - A library in the palm of your hand!

Amazon’s newest product in the tablet market is ideal for anyone who loves to read whatever the conditions and store more books than your local library.

With hardly any screen glare in bright sunlight, a battery that will last weeks and a store with over 1 milion of free books to download all in a lightweight, easy-to-use tablet; there are plenty to things to love about the Kindle Paperwhite.

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Colour Changing, Vanilla Scented Mooncandles With Remote Control (4”, 5”, 6”) - Perfect for any household

If you’re anything like me, you’ll get bored of the same old surroundings day after day when your at home, relaxing after a hard day’s work. This tro of candles can change between 12 different colours at the touch of a button using the remote control bundled in with the trio; so no matter your mood, your room can reflect it.

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