Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, you and your loved ones are all together and happy. But picture this: it’s Christmas morning, and Santa’s gifts are already neatly placed under the tree *wink*. Your kids are running down the stairs, excited to see what Santa had left for them this year. They spot the gifts all piled up, and their faces light up like never before. They open it up, rip into the wrapping paper, and suddenly, their smiles turn upside down. Sigh, it seems like Santa’s elves didn’t do a good job with researching over what toys your kids actually wanted this year. Will you blame it on the naughty list? Try to diffuse the impending tantrums? Or just cry along with them? Avoid this holiday drama, here are the Top 10 Christmas Gifts that your kids will absolutely love!


1. The Talking Doll That Uses The Web To Answer Questions

If you see that your little girl has the potential of becoming a tech wiz, this talking doll crossed with Siri is the perfect gift for her! Ask a question and it will use the internet to gather answers online and speak them back to you. What’s even greater is that there’s a pre-defined list of words and topics that are inappropriate for kids. With that modification of My Friend Cayla, you’ll always be confident that your child won’t hear anything that isn’t age appropriate. It also plays games, tells stories and can be connected to a smart device via Bluetooth technology. Hours and hours of fun for your little one.

My Friend Cayla

Price: Not yet released

Buy it here: Amazon


2. The Elsa Doll From Disney’s Frozen That Sings Let it Go

Yes, we know its been hard hearing the “Let it Go” song over and over and over again. But what can you do? Your kids love it, and so does everybody else! If your kids can’t get enough of Frozen, this Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa doll is hands down the perfect gift for them this Christmas. Yes - it sings the “Let it Go” song when you raise its hands, her dress even lights up as well. Other than that, this Elsa doll also produces 15 distinct sounds and phrases from the movie Frozen. Sure enough, your kids will be shrieking and jumping for joy when they open their gifts!

Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll

Price: £34.99

Buy it here: The Toy Shop


3. A T-Rex Toy That Follows Hand Gesture Commands

What a perfect Christmas gift for a little boy that loves dinosaurs! Tekstra T-Rex has the ability to respond to voice, lights and patterns, so different gestures can elicit different responses. What sets this T-Rex aside from other dinosaurs? Well, for starters, it uses hand gesture technology - with the stroke of a hand, your little boy can command Tekstra T-Rex to walk, move his hands, wag his tail and even stop whatever he’s doing. This sounds like an awesome alternative for kids that want pets - since pets are a big responsibility, why not let them start with a Tekstra T-Rex first? Feed Tekstra T-Rex his Dino bone and watch him perform his ultimate trick! Bored of the same old tricks? Teach Tekstra T-Rex a new one! You can create more using the free downloadable app.

Teksta T-Rex

Price: £54.99

Buy it here: Amazon


4. Let Your Kid’s Creativity Spark With Loom Bands

This rubber band phenomenon has hit the world hard! Every kid has them, and why shouldn’t yours? This inexpensive craft is loads and loads of fun, which at the same time, also enhances your kid’s creativity! If your kid is into arts and crafts, then this is a perfect Christmas gift for them! You can even bond with your kid over creating loom bracelets - search the net for various designs and teach it to your kid! You might as well get a set for yourself. We’re not saying you’ll be addicted, it’s just that, you know… you will be. This particular Ateam Loom Bandz Kit & Clips Collection comes with 4200 Bandz + 170 Clips + 5 Hooks + 1 Loom Board, with 21 colors, and a storage case.

Ateam Loom Bandz

Price: £9.80

Buy it here: Amazon


5. The Skating Elsa Doll

Can’t get enough of Frozen? This beautifully made Elsa doll can help complete the skating scene for your kid’s own Frozen re-make at home! With just a little push, Elsa glides and casts magic spells with ice and snow! So, if you don’t like the “Let it Go” singing Elsa doll because you’ve heard that song a million times over by now, this might be a good alternative. Although we can’t really guarantee that your kid won’t be singing their little heart out once they see this beauty waiting for them under the tree!

Disney Frozen Ice Skating Elsa Doll

Price: £25.05

Buy it here: Amazon


6. The Monster That Your Kid Isn’t Afraid Of

Remove your kid’s fear from monsters and introduce ‘em to this weirdly cute and cuddly monster this Christmas! Xeno is interactive and responsive, he has a variety of movements and emotions expressed through 40 different animated eye expressions! Aside from being able to communicate with other Xeno’s, this Xeno also has mini games and a dedicated app! Which means loads and loads of fun! And since this monster will leave such a lovely memory in your child’s mind, you won’t have to worry about late night ‘Mom, Dad’ calls from the other room about the closet door anymore!

Xeno Burnt (Orange)

Price: £74.99

Buy it here: Amazon


7. A Handbag That Changes Colour To Match Your Outfit

This cute little Barbie handbag is the perfect Christmas gift for your little princess, especially if she loves to play dress up! It instantly changes its colour to match your outfit! How? Just hold the Barbie Colour Change handbag against whatever you want to match it to, press the heart shaped button and watch as the bag lights up and instantly changes colour! Bored of the design? It has lots of Barbie clip on accessories to decorate with - so no matter what you’re wearing, the bag will always be uniquely styled whilst matching the outfit. Aren’t you glad your princess won’t be playing with your Louis Vuitton bags anymore?

Barbie Colour Change Handbag

Price: £21.59

Where to buy: Amazon



8. The James Bond Watch For Kids

This watch is perfect for kids who like gadgets and detective movies. They can use the watch for secret missions as their gadget of choice and discreetly take pictures of the bad guys! Other than capturing photos, The KidiZoom Smart Watch has a 1.4 inch colour touchscreen and built-in motion sensor, it also includes features such as photo editing, video recording, games, timers, alarm clocks, voice recorder with changing effects, and more! Should you choose to accept this mission, you shall gear up your James Bond in training with this watch for Christmas!


KidiZoom Smart Watch

Price: £39.99

But it here: Amazon


9. The Perfect First Mobile Phone For Your Kid With Parental Control

Mobile phones have become a necessity nowadays, and it is only right that kids start off with the right mobile phone. The Kurio 4s Touch does exactly what a mobile phone does, except it is designed specifically for kids. This is a fantastic Christmas gift for a tech-savvy child. The Kurio 4s Touch is pre-loaded with content including educational games and apps, eBooks, Skype and games - it also features an Android operating system. With parental control and internet filtering included in the phone, you can control what your children see and for how long they use it! You won’t have to worry that they’ll wander into ‘that part of the internet’ by mistake!

Kurio 4S Touch

Price: £52.99

Buy it here: Amazon


10. The Modern Customisable Monopoly Game

Share the fun of Monopoly with your kids with My Monopoly! With a touch of modernity, My Monopoly allows you to customise blank tiles and stickers to make the game more your own. The classic game’s rules are still the same, so playing with your kids and teaching them about how to play is sure to be a blast! Playtime with other kids are sure to be fun times as well, as the board game allows 2 - 4 players per game.


Monopoly My Game

Price: £20.65

Buy it here: Amazon


Well, we hope you found something to give to your little one this Christmas. But just remember, no matter what you give to your kid, just make sure that you did your research and know what your child actually wants. No expensive gift is going to match the one that s/he has been lusting over for months on end. Happy holidays, and good luck with the gift hunt!